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One Manicure & Pedicure

One Manicure and Pedicure [add_to_cart id="846"]

Two Manicure & Pedicures

Two Manicure and Pedicures [add_to_cart id="847"]

6 Laser Hair-Removal Treatments

Six Laser Hair-Removal Treatments on 3 Body Parts * [add_to_cart id="516"]

Unlimited Laser Hair Removal

Unlimited Laser hair Removal Treatments on 3 Body Parts, For 1 year* [add_to_cart id="517"]

IPL Photo Facials

Two IPL Photo Facials Treatment [add_to_cart id="518"]


Two Microdermabrasion Treatment [add_to_cart id="519"]

Deep Pore Facial Treatment

Deep Pore Facial Treatment or Anti-aging reconditioning & firming treatment with Dermalogica products. [add_to_cart id="524"]

Tanning Monthly Pass

[add_to_cart id="523"]

* Body Parts Breakdown

  • Each of the following counts as 1 body part Upper Lip, Both Cheeks, Unibrow, Chin, Both Sideburns, Nape (Back of Neck), Throat, Both Ears, Nose, Both Underarms, Both Hands, Bikini Line, Both Feet and Areola (Around Nipples).
  • Each of the following counts as 2 body parts: Both Shoulders, Both Buttocks, Both Breasts, Men's Chest (Pectoral), Abdomen, Upper Back, Lower Back, Left Lower Arm, Right Lower Arm, Left Upper Arm, Right Upper Arm, Gluteal Crease, Clavicle Area, Right Lower Leg and Left Lower Leg.
  • Each of the following counts as 3 body parts: Brazilian, Left Thigh and Right Thigh

60 Minutes with RMT + Receipt

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90 Minutes with RMT + Receipt

[add_to_cart id="792"]